2017 Gilbert City Championships 

The CV boys and girls cross country teams each earned runner-up at this year's annual Gilbert Cross Country Championships. All six Gilbert public schools competed in a class-format meet at the challenging Crossroads park course. 

In the freshman races, the following athletes earned top-10 placement and medals: Wyatt Hanson (2nd), Anthony Cox (6th), Nate McMullen (7th), Garrett Rosen (8th), Kaitlyn Bowe (6th), Brady Riggs (9th), and Ellie Brooks (10th).

In the sophomore races, Kenny Edwards (2nd), Zac Whaley (4th), Mac Jones (8th), Olivia Callaghan (6th), Ashley Wellington (8th), and Taytum Coons (10th) earned top-10 places and medals.

The junior boys race was won by Rylan Stubbs for the 3rd year in a row, with Christian Tamura and Ben Reidhead 5th & 6th, respectively.

In the senior races, Zack Prusse finished 2nd with Avree Anderson 4th, and Alaina Kautz finished off a perfect high school "city meet" career with her fourth win.

Overall, the boys team fell to a very talented Highland team 5 to 7, and the girls pulled out a runner-up placement without a CV junior in the race.

The meet was also the final competition of the regular season, and therefore, the final time this team would compete together in its entirety. The final two AIA sanctioned meets of the season are Friday, the 27th and Saturday, November 4th for the Sectional and State Championships.