Bio: I was born in Arizona and have lived in Arizona my whole life, I have done many sports but the ones I plan to stick with through out high school are Cross country, Wrestling, and Track. I'm hoping to get under 18 minutes flat by mid season. I enjoy hanging out with friends and watching movies.

Class of 2021

Why I Run: I was never super interested in running but then the first summer before freshman year I did a running practice and when the school year came around i joined cross country and it ended up being something that I love so I stuck with it. I am looking forward to all the meets and especially Woodbridge.

Favorite Memory with the Team: My favorite memory is my first race as a coyote when Zack Prusse paced me and led me through my first race.

Accomplishments & Awards: I am proud that i have meddled at almost every race. 

Personal Bests:

5 km: 19:25

3.0 miles: 19:57

1600m: 5:15

3200m: 10:58 Profile


Anthony Cox