Friday, August 24th

First off, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who were at our parent meeting last Thursday!  We had an amazing turn out of parents and got most of our booster business done that evening!  Thanks so much for your support. I have a couple of reminders/updates that I wanted to address.

Fundraisers-  All but two families have paid for the car wash/opt out fundraiser.  Thanks so much for getting your monies to us!  This money is used to keep our team and coaches going throughout the season in any way we can support them. It's used for entry fees for meets (FYI- NOT CHEAP), supplies for the team like tents, tables, coolers, shades, and any other needs that arise for the team.  - This website is giving up 20% back from all sales using the promo code CAMPOXC. This is EASY money that will support our team.  Please send the flyer to family/friends/social media.  There are some really cool pieces that any runner/athlete would like. Flyer is attached.  THIS RUNS UNTIL 9/14.

Costa Vida NIght- On the day of our home meet, Wednesday Sept. 12th, the Costa Vida restaurant on Market St. will give back 20% of proceeds to our team if we tell them we are with Campo Cross Country.  The hours for this promo will be from 2pm-9pm.  It's a great way to spend the evening after the meet fueling our athletes and giving back at the same time!

Volunteers- Thanks to all of you who signed up for our Milk Mondays/Wednesdays!!! If you signed up, you will receive a reminder from SignUpGenius two days prior to your scheduled day. I will also send you a text reminder.  To those of you who signed up for the Team Pasta Parties, a HUGE thanks to you!   You will also get a reminder as well.

Team Pasta Dinners-  We will have a host family for almost all (exceptions are night before home meet and Woodbridge) of our team meets the night before the races.  Coach Applebach will send out assignments to the athletes, usually according to class, on what to bring to the dinner.  The host family is only responsible for plates, cutlery, drinks.  These dinners will be from 6:30-8pm.

Uniform/T-shirt Orders-  If your athlete ordered a uniform or any fan tees, they will all be distributed next week during a practice.  Uniform tops and team/fan tees are currently in a shop being screen printed and will get to your athlete before our first meet.  


Sunday, August 12th

Hello, Parents-

I know most of you have already received my first email this season but there are many more new additions to the XC family so I will introduce myself again. My name is Lindsey Stubbs and I’m a board member of the CVHS Cross Country Booster Club. You are receiving this email due to your student’s involvement in the XC team. If your athlete is no longer on the team, please let me know so that I can remove you from my upcoming barrage of emails. :)  I know that Coach Applebach has the parent meeting planned for this upcoming Thursday 8/16 in the CVHS cafeteria after practice (5:30-6:30) but I wanted to provide you all with some information beforehand so that you can be better prepared.

First things first, I am so excited that we are approaching a new season! Welcome to all of those returning and to all new participants! This is such a fun and exciting sport to be involved in and it’s awesome to watch the special bonds that these kids make each other.

There are several items that the boosters will cover in the meeting this week, but I wanted to address them all in a little more detail here-

Uniforms-  We will have order forms as well as sample sizes to compare. With our first meet being less than 3 weeks away, we will need to get these ordered ASAP. The cost of each piece, tank and shorts, will be $25 each.  If returning athletes will need a different size in shirt/shorts, now is the time to do that as well. New to our XC team, we will also be taking orders for Campo green compression shorts as well for those that would like that option.  I don't have exact pricing on these but will have it by the meeting on Thursday.  I'm estimating $30-$40 each piece. The FIRM deadline for ordering uniforms will be this next Friday, Aug. 17th. 

Fundraisers- We have THREE opportunities for raising monies for our team but only one in which all athletes are required to participate/opt out of.  First up, the team will be selling Cobblestone Car Wash books. Each book will cost $24 and contains 3 $12 washes.  Our team receives half of this money which would be a $12 profit for each book.  All athletes need to sell 4 (or more) books for a profit of $48 or can "opt out" of the fundraiser and just pay the projected profit of $48.  For this fundraiser to work, all 4 books must be paid for upfront ($96) when given to the athlete/parents. It will be your responsibility to sell and retrieve your out of pocket costs. 

Athlete Inspired Jewelry-  Jewelry ordered from from 8/16-9/14 using our special XC code (CampoXC) will allow us to earn 20% back on all purchases.  There are some really cool pieces on the site and this is one that your friends/family can participate no matter where they live! We will have the brochure available with the code (CampoXC) at the meeting and I will also send the link out when the time comes.

Costa Vida Night-  The afternoon/evening of our home XC meet (Wednesday, Sept. 12th from 2pm- 9pm) the Costa Vida Market St. location near Campo will donate 20% back from all those coming in with our special code (announced later). It's a great way to dine with fellow athlete families leaving our meet and donating back to the team at the same time!

Team T-shirts- All athletes will receive a free team shirt. The new design will be revealed at the meeting.  These shirts will arrive before our first meet so the team can show their XC pride anywhere they go.  We will have an order form for those family members/friends who would like a fan shirt as well. The cost of these unisex shirts will be $15. We will also be offering youth shirts for those younger siblings for $10 each. We will need to have ALL orders by this Friday, August 17th. If the athlete doesn't provide a size for their free team shirt, they will automatically be given a size medium. There will be NO late orders for t-shirts. 

Car Decals- We will have some CV XC car decals available for purchase for $5 at the parent meeting.

Woodbridge Invitational- If you ask any of our upperclassmen XC runners, they will all agree that this the THE running event of the season. This is one of the largest XC meets in the country and takes place in Southern CA.   The cost of the trip is $185 this year.  It includes transportation, 2 nights lodging, 2 ready-to-cook breakfasts, a team pasta dinner Friday evening, and sandwiches/snacks at the meet on Saturday night. There is a lot of planning for this event so the earlier that you can register your athlete, the better.  We are asking for a $50 non-refundable deposit if your athlete is planning on going to reserve a spot and plan for the proper size of transportation. All monies for this trip are due no later than Friday, August 31st.   Here is a flyer on the trip. More details to follow on this event.

Volunteers-  The XC season cannot be successful without the help of our volunteers!  This year we are planning on having several team pasta parties the night before certain meets.  If you are willing to help host/help let us know!  We also help provide protein to the team on their “Milk Mondays”.  If you are interested in either of these, I will have a sign up sheet at the meeting and will also create a sign-up genius for both. 

Food for Meets- The boosters will be providing sandwiches/fruit for our evening meets this season (Desert Solstice, Twilight, and Woodbridge).  Your $25 team fee helps cover the cost for this.  We still are requesting a bulk snack from each family to help supplement with snacks at the meets too. Please be conscious of items that would be appropriate fueling for our athletes but also easy to store/travel with like PB crackers, protein bars, granola, nuts, fig bars, etc.  

$$$$- Please don’t forget to bring cash/check with you for unis/shirts/fundraisers/Woodbridge!  It's not necessary to pay for Woodbridge up front ($50 secures your runner's spot though) but for any uniform or t-shirt orders, those need to be paid by the end of this week!  

Click here for the order form that you can print out and bring on Thursday!

Looking forward to seeing you all Thursday evening and please email/text/call me with any questions/concerns. 

Lindsey Stubbs

Thursday, July 26th, 2018

Hello, Parents-
My name is Lindsey Stubbs and I’m a board/booster member of the Campo Verde's Coyotes XC Running Club.

First things first, I am so excited that we are approaching a new season!  Welcome to all of those returning and to all new participants!  This is such a fun and exciting sport to be involved in and it’s awesome to watch the special bonds that these kids make with each other.

We are approaching the school year at lightning speed, and as a fall sport, the Cross Country team has several events and fundraisers planned in the first few weeks of school.  Because of this, it is crucial for me to give you some information before the season officially starts. There will be several fees/monies that need to be collected in the first month and I know it can be overwhelming with all the items with a price tag but I wanted to send this email out to you all to give you a heads up.  In addition to the info in the email, the XC parent meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 16th. The coaches and the boosters will go over more detailed  information about the season and it is very important that you attend

Important need-to-knows and upcoming fees:

Uniforms- For any new athlete, a top and shorts will need to be purchased.  With our first meet being September 1st,  there is a time constraint between ordering and screen printing uniforms and it is important that we have these ordered by the first week of XC season. We will have only ONE team order.  If anyone orders late, they are responsible for all shipping and screen printing charges.  The tops/shorts will be $25 each.

Team/Fan shirts- Each year, our athletes are provided a free team shirt courtesy of our team sponsors and booster club.  We will also offer fan tees for any family/friends who would like to purchase one as well.  We will have a mock-up of the shirt design at the parent meeting.  Estimated costs of fan tees are $15. 

Team Fee- We will be charging a $25 team fee for season costs such as evening meet meals and meet fees. This year, we are also requesting for each athlete to bring in a bulk size (Costco/Sam's Club) snack for additional supplement at meets. Great ideas for snacks would be PB crackers, Goldfish crackers, protein bars, trail mix, etc. 

Fundraisers-  Our fundraisers this year will be different that the past few years.  We no longer have the Outback dinner option so we are planning on having each athlete sell 4 Cobblestone Car Wash coupon books or have the choice to pay the no-fundraising "opt-out" fee for $48 which would be our profit for 4 books.  We also will have a link to a website that sells some very cool athletic-inspired jewelry.  With each purchase made with a code we will provide, we will receive a portion of the proceeds.  We are also looking to schedule a night with a local restaurant to donate proceeds back from our business. More to come on all of this but just wanted you all to know that since we don't demand much in terms of fees and fundraisers, it is CRUCIAL for everyone to participate in this to keep our team and coaches supplied with all that they may need and more. 

Woodbridge Invitational- If you ask any of our current XC runners, they will all say this is THE running event of the season.  This is one of the largest XC meets in the country and takes place in Southern CA.  The dates for this trip are September 14th-16th.  Since this meet is quite a trip for the team, there is a lot of planning involved.  With that, it is important that we have athlete sign-ups for this event ASAP. We will have a firm deadline for sign-up/payment for this meet by end of August. The estimated cost of this trip is $185. If you had a runner go on this trip last year, you may notice there is an increase in the fee this year.  This is something that couldn't be avoided due the increase in hotel costs in the area.  We will be taking a $50 deposit to reserve your student's spot.  We will also be reserving a block of rooms for any parents who would like to go as well. 

We will have many more details to provide at our parent meeting and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  

Please email me if you have any questions/concerns.  Looking forward to a great season together!

Lindsey Stubbs

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