Consistency Is Key

Transportation Release Forms

Families who will choose to forgo school-provided transportation, and instead transport their athlete(s) on their own, must have completed these forms, and they must be on file with Coach Applebach.

CV Cross Country Team Information

What We Do, How and Why We Do It

CV Cross Country Team Agreements & Acknowledgment Form

A description of the 6 things we will stack hands on this season, and a form for you to state your agreement with us.

Student Grade Check Form

Certain Wednesdays before the workout begins, each student-athlete must submit a grade check form with their teachers' signatures.

Dates these Grade Checks are Submitted to Coaches:  Aug 17, Aug 31, Sept 14, & Sept 28

Nutritional Guidelines for Athletes

Athletes wishing to maximize their potential need to pay attention to how they fuel their training. 

Video Library

Links to videos on YouTube that document some of the greatest runners in history... check it out!

​​Important Team Documents