Team Warm-Up & Chants

This is the sequence of the activities we will use for team-wide warm-up and the various "chants" that we recite together at the conclusion of warm-ups and at meets.

Varsity Letter Requirements

If you aim to earn a varsity letter, these are the standards set forth by your coaches that must be met in order to be considered for this honor.

Team Agreements/Expectations/Policies

This is what we as a team are going to "stack hands on" for this season. This details what coaches and teammates expect from you and what you can expect from your teammates and coaches.

​​2017 CV Cross Country: Important Documents

CV Cross Country Training Info

Information about our team and training principles, standards, and guidelines.

Student Grade Check Form

All students must return a grade check form completed by their teachers on the following dates: Aug 15th, Sept 1st, Sept 14th, & Oct 2nd.

​Athlete Info & Expectations Acknowledgement Form

All athletes must complete this quick form in order to give us your contact information and verify that you understand the expectations set for all team-members in the document posted above.

Nutritional Guidelines for Athletes

Athletes wishing to maximize their potential would be foolish to neglect attention to how they fuel their training.