100m/110m & 300m Hurdles


10 Steps to Hurdling

1. Always Lead with your knee, NOT THE FOOT, while going over the hurdle. (DRIVE)

2. Keep your shoulders square while going over the hurdle.

3. Stay as tall as possible.

4. Attack the hurdles aggressively

5. Lead arm slightly bent

6. Trail arm is kept as close to the side of the body as possible.

7. Trail leg should always come through flat over the hurdle, with foot up, and not pointed down. (You drag it you tag it)

8. As the heel of the lead leg clears the top of the hurdle crossbar, the hurdler should attempt to press the thigh and the heel down as quickly as possible, while at the same time bringing the trail leg through as fast as possible. The hurdler needs to visualize in their mind that it is a combination of two factors that enables the hurdler to get back on the ground, and running. It is a rocket type action over the hurdle.

9. The trail leg, as you come off the hurdle, must be high and under the armpit to help maintain the next running sprint stride. (Pull the knee through the armpit)